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Tim Draper tries to convince Argentina to make Bitcoin the national currency



Well-known Bitcoin investor Tim Draper recently visited Argentina, where he personally met with head of state Mauricio Macri. At this meeting, Draper presented a rather bold idea to the president – to make   Bitcoin is the national currency of Argentina.

I suggested that the president make Bitcoin the national currency and introduce 5G.

Draper believes that the flow of new startups will fill Argentina, if it becomes supportive of cryptocurrency.  

As the blockchain grows, the demand for decentralization increases. Draper understands that building blockchain infrastructure along with killer applications is the key to money entering crypto space.

It seems to me that it is simple, because everything that we do goes towards decentralization. And this movement turns out to be really important, all geographical boundaries will collapse, and we will become one big world.

Draper is known for his bold statements and proposals, but many consider the adoption of BTC as the national currency as impossible.  

However, it is difficult to argue with the idea that crypto-safe rules and regulations, along with the recognition of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as real money, will be of great importance for the economic conditions of the country. Startups are frantically building blockchain projects of tomorrow, and government clarity can only accelerate this process. After all, development assistance is the most important thing for the entire blockchain sector.  

And what do you think about this?