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The State Duma of Russia will adopt 9 bills on cryptocurrency and the blockchain by the end of 2018



The Russian State Duma plans to adopt several laws on digital currencies and blockchain at the end of this year. Dmitry Sazonov, who holds the post of deputy committee of the lower house of parliament on economic policy, innovative development, industry and entrepreneurship, told reporters about this.

It clarifies the "Parliamentary Newspaper", the State Duma wants to pay particular attention to the elaboration of all the details of the company's exit procedure for the initial placement of tokens (ICO) .

Sazonov stressed :

It is of fundamental importance for us to take into account the opinion of not only the legislators, but also the expert community. We are talking about all the proposals of the government in the field of regulation of relations in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. By the end of the year, the State Duma plans to review and adopt nine laws in this area.

All laws that parliamentarians will consider and approve should create the conditions under which the process of digitalization of the Russian economy will significantly accelerate. And the cryptocurrency industry will become transparent, the deputy of the lower fee added.

However, most experts complain about the content of the draft laws on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some experts even called them a failure and requiring a radical revision.