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The report on the Blockchain Capital mitap



At the end of September, Blockchain Capital organized a large-scale meeting in the capital of Russia, it was dedicated to index investment in digital assets. As part of this event, all the participants were informed about the features of Blockchain Capital tokens and their advantages as an investment object. Judging by the interest of the audience, this investment direction left no one indifferent, today we will give a brief report on the results of the meeting.

List of participants

This event took place on September 27 in Moscow on the Deworkacy (Red October). On Blockchain Capital’s part, the role of the speakers was tried on:

  • Khusnullin Zinnat – director of the company. His speech was devoted to investing in the crypt as a whole, what kind of prospects it opens up for investors;

  • Arthur Khusnullin – Executive Director of Blockchain Capital. He paid attention to the strategy of index investing in cryptocurrencies;

  • Evgeny Arkhipov – in the company oversees the work on information technology. In his speech, he talked about how smart contracts can change a person’s life in the future, and Blockchain Capital is the financial industry, the creators do not knowingly call the company the first digital bank.

The meeting turned out to be international. Among the guests of the capital were foreign partners Blockchain Capital. So, Regina Tahini, a partner of the company from Hungary, translated the speakers into English.

The activities of the company's partners have not been ignored. In the final part of the event, 6 partners, who showed themselves from the best side during the cooperation, received 6 MacBooks.

The evening ended with an entertainment program and dinner, so there were no discontented people. And if you remember how many questions were asked, it is clear that index investment attracts many. Speakers literally did not want to let go, falling asleep with new and new questions.

What is the reason for interest from the crypto community?

If you are confronted with the name Blockchain Capital for the first time, the heightened interest in the company may seem strange. But everything is explained simply – its creators offer portfolio investment in a crypt with minimal time costs. And by distributing investments in the crypt through a smart contract, you can always control where they are directed.

In addition, for investors there are no restrictions on the minimum period of investment. You can keep money in WBT tokens for a couple of years, but if necessary, no one will interfere with exchanging coins for fiat currency a week after purchase.

At every public event, the Blockchain Capital product is of great interest. It is enough to recall the recent Blockchain Cruise, in the behind-the-scenes communication with the participants, the index token has aroused keen interest, and not only cryptomir enthusiasts were interested in them, but people with a name. So, John McAfee (the creator of the antivirus of the same name) praised the prospects of index investment after a closer acquaintance with the company's activities.


Blockchain Capital is conducting an active campaign to inform those who want to know about the opportunities offered by investing in digital assets. Meetings are held regularly in the cities of Russia and abroad, and the investor base is constantly growing.

Today, while the WBT and BCT tokens have not yet had time to soar in cost, you have a great chance to use your free money profitably. There are already examples of how people increased their capital many times in a matter of weeks, you can easily repeat and even surpass their success.

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