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The price of bitcoin fell close to the minimum of 2018



On Wednesday, November 14, the price of the first cryptocurrency dropped to one of its lowest values ​​in 2018. As of 17:00 UTC, the weighted average rate of Bitcoin, according to the CoinMarketCap, was $ 5877.72, capitalization dropped to $ 102 billion.

If we turn to individual exchanges, then on Bitstamp the price a little earlier fell to $ 5534, on Kraken – to $ 5510.

Support for $ 6,000 was also broken at Bitfinex, where the last weeks the first cryptocurrency has been trading several hundred dollars higher. Here the rate went down to $ 5860 ($ 6000 at the time of publication).

The minimum weighted average rate of Bitcoin this year was fixed on June 24, when the price dropped to $ 5826.41.

Bitcoin prices have been declining since the beginning of the week, but today's drop, which was preceded by a break through the support level of $ 6,200, turned out to be the sharpest in the last 72 hours.

As can be seen in the table below, most of the other cryptocurrencies went into the deep red zone, and the total market capitalization fell below $ 190 billion. Last time at these levels the market capitalization was on September 11th.

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