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The number of transactions with DASH increased by 178%



From the third quarter of last year to the third quarter of this year, the number of transactions in the DASH network increased by 178%.

The DASH project has shown an increase in transaction rate from approximately 5,000 to the current 15,000. Currently, the number of wallets intended for using DASH has grown to 56,000 units. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, noted that such indicators indicate progress. He also drew attention to the fact that against the background of even incredible achievements, it is not always possible to observe an increase in the cryptocurrency rate. Taylor is firmly convinced that if the project continues to focus on the user and achieve new successes, then altcoin simply can not be ignored.

It is noteworthy that the DASH developers recently updated the network to version v0.14.0.3 – this step was taken because a vulnerability was discovered on the network. The found bug could lead to failures in processing operations or even provoke the cessation of the functioning of some nodes of the blockchain.

The DASH coin is especially popular among residents of Venezuela, where the critical economic situation is still persisting.