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The new agreement will allow to buy Bitcoins in 100 thousand ATMs of the USA



The agreement between the manufacturer of traditional ATM LibertyX and cryptocurrency ATM Genmega will allow you to buy Bitcoin in 100 thousand places in the US using a debit card.

However, the appearance of a cryptocurrency purchase option will depend on the desire of ATM operators to add this service. After the application is installed, it will only be necessary to update the ATM software. Then users will be able to buy in ATM Bitcoins, which will be redirected to their cryptocurrency wallets .

ATM improvements will be a gift for newbies in the world of cryptocurrencies, since the process of buying Bitcoins is not too different from the usual cash withdrawals at an ATM.

As stated by LibertyX, ease of use has been a priority for Bitcoin ATMs:

“We have worked hard to ensure that the process of buying cryptocurrency has been simple, over the past five years. And now we have managed to achieve simplicity and convenience of this process , ”said one of the founders and head of LibertyX, Chris Yim.

As we have already written , Vinny Lingham, co-founder and head of Civic, which develops identification solutions based on the blockchain technology , believes that the price of bitcoin will reach 100,000 and this will lead to a new bubble cycle on the crypt market.