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The Minister of Finance of Zimbabwe spoke against the hostile position of the Central Bank of Tajikistan



Zimbabwe Finance Minister Mtuli Nkubeh, appointed in September, said that the crypto-currencies will help the country cope with the acute currency crisis that has lasted for two years. The position of Nkubé goes against the previous statements of the Reserve Bank, Altcoinera reports.

Nkoube cited the example of the Central Bank of Switzerland, which adopted a more progressive position with respect to the crypto-currency. He added that Zimbabwe should introduce the experience of a European country.

As the newspaper writes, the position of the minister can become a driving force for the emergence in Zimbabwe of a unit that helps the Central Bank to improve understanding of digital assets.

It is noteworthy that in May, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe banned the country's financial institutions from conducting any operations with bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

In July, the financial regulator softened its position. In particular, Central Bank Governor John Mangudya stressed that before taking crypto-currencies in the country, it is necessary to carefully study their nature.

Let's note, because of the pressure of the local Central Bank on the crypto-currency industry, the leading bitcoin-exchange Zimbabwe Golix decided to move beyond the country.

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