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The MetaMask application by default opens the ETH wallets of users



The popular MetaMask extension reveals the data of its users on the websites that they visit, allowing third parties to see their ETH wallet addresses, which Cryptoglobe writes with reference to GitHub .

As further reported, MetaMask has a built-in “privacy mode” that can prevent this, but the user must activate it manually and if it is not enabled, anyone can discover the address of the MetaMask user and potentially associate it with identity data that jeopardizes anonymity .

He sacrifices the privacy of everyone in the system, because sites such as Amazon, Google, PayPal and others can link your blockchain transactions to credit card payments, ”the user reports on GitHub.

Lead developer Dan Finlay, responding to an interested user, said that the inclusion of the default privacy mode can harm the service and for this reason, users need to switch to manual mode.

Back in November 2018, MetaMask uncovered new anonymity features when they introduced “Privacy Mode” as part of updates, including better management of ERC-20 tokens and support for hardware wallets .

Recall that the number of users of the decentralized MetaMask application has already exceeded 1 million, which makes it one of the most used applications in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Publication date 03/03/2019
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