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The largest crypto-exchange companies and US lawmakers will discuss the regulation of



American financial giants and crypto-currency start-ups will meet with Washington lawmakers to discuss the normative landscape. The round table will be organized by Congressman Warren Davidson (Warren Davidson), Cointelegraph reports.

It became known that the meeting participants will consider the issue of developing a policy for a new class of assets on the eve of submission of the bill in the House of Representatives of Davidson this fall.

Warren sent invitations to all the participants of the round table, which indicated eight issues to be discussed. The Congressman states that the contribution of everyone present will be critical to helping in overcoming a strict regulatory approach. In his view, drastic measures can stop innovation and kill the ICO market in the US.

Among the invited representatives are :

  • Nasdaq,
  • US Chamber of Commerce,
  • Ripple ,
  • Coinbase ,
  • Circle.
  • Fidelity,
  • Andreessen Horowitz.

Earlier, Chamber of Commerce Emmer (Emmer) announced his intention to submit three bills to support the blockbuster and digital currencies, focusing on the development of technology. In addition, he promised to provide tax incentives for those investors who have digital assets obtained as a result of forks. At the same time Emmer believes that "taxpayers can observe the law only when it is clear."

Also this month, US lawmakers asked the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to issue a revised and "comprehensive" guide to crypto-currencies . According to officials, the inability of the IRS to introduce a reliable tax system "seriously hinders the ability of taxpayers" to fulfill their obligations.