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The largest broker company of Brazil launches the crypto exchange XDEX



The head of Brazil's largest brokerage company Grupo XP , said that in the next few months the organization will launch trading of such top-end digital currencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum , according to the newsletter Cryptoglobe.

At the beginning of last week at an event in São Paulo Guillerme Benchimol, who is CEO of Grupo XP, announced the launch of a new trading platform aimed at trading crypto-currencies .

This decision of the company is primarily due to the high demand for virtual coins, which is 5 times higher than the shares. After all, according to statistics, only 600,000 citizens of the country are involved in investing in shares, while about 3 million Brazilians participate in bidding with Bitcoin.

However, the company's management admitted that they are far from being supporters of virtual tokens and do not show much interest in trading crypto-currencies, saying:

"I must admit, if it were not for the high demand of residents of the country for digital currencies, I would prefer to stay away from crypto-currencies . However, the market, the players on it and the time dictate their rules to us. Therefore, we are forced to begin work in the direction of providing trade with coins. "

It is known that Grupo XP is the owner of the holding company XP Investimentos SA , which was full of news media headlines in April of this year after it was announced that it intends to launch brokerage activities in Bitcoin market.

At the moment it turned out that Thiago Maffra will manage the new exchange. The platform, allowing to trade Bitcoin and Ether, will bear the name XDEX and will be supported by 40 employees. The new platform will be completely independent of other trading platforms of the company Grupo XP. This is written by Bloomberg .