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The initial product of Bakkt will be VTS-futures with real collateral



Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the operator of the stock exchange of New York, announced: the crypt project Bakkt will offer its initial product in the form of BTC futures with real collateral. Customers of Bakkt will be able to buy derivatives with trading pairs of at least three currencies – bitcoin to dollar, pound sterling and euro.

Earlier it was mentioned that the platform would become a "regulated ecosystem" for large investors who want to trade in crypto currency. The company announced on Twitter that the acquisition of one USD / BTC futures will add 1 bitcoin to the user's wallet. This means a physically secured futures or futures with real collateral.

The statement confirms the August news, where it was said: Bakkt will not provide trade with a leverage. The company explained this by reluctance to "create unnecessary paper requirements for real assets."

The launch of Bakkt should take place in November, and the site is gradually surrounded by more and more HYIP. While little is known about the project. Not everyone approves of launching the platform, because they consider it unnecessary to race for institutional investors.

Meanwhile, it comes closer on September 30 – when the SEC must decide on bitcoin-ETF from VanEck and SolidX. Unlike the Bakkt product, the funds do not offer delivery of MTC to customers.