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The head of a hedge fund from New York is ready to sell a mansion worth $ 16 million for the Bitcoins



Roy Niderhoffer, president of RG Nierderhoffer Capital Management New York hedge fund, strongly believes in the future of Bitcoin that he is ready to accept cryptocurrency for a manhattan mansion worth almost $ 16 million, which he recently put up for sale. This writes Bloomberg .

The six-story building of the 19th century in a prestigious area on Riverside Drive with a total area of ​​about 5,200 sq. M is sold for $ 15.9 million. And although it can be purchased for Fiat, Roy Niderhoffer does not hide that he would prefer to get Bitcoins.

“I really believe in Bitcoin. I really see a great future in it, and I want to have more bitcoins, ”he said.

More than this, if a buyer willing to pay for a mansion in bitcoins, Niederhoffer says that he will pay his share of the costs associated with the transaction in hard currency.

“Brokerage commissions, other obligations, I will pay all this in cash to save Bitcoins,” he added.

At the rate for today, anyone who wants to make such a purchase will have to post about 2500 BTC.

Recall earlier in October of the first sale of real estate on the blockchain in Europe announced a decentralized real estate marketplace and registration of land rights Propy.

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