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The hacked Zaif exchange received a third warning from Japan's FSA



The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) issued a third order, addressed to the owner of the hacked Zaif, Tech Bureau.

As previously reported, as a result of a security breach on the Zaif exchange on September 14, hackers managed to steal crypto-currency assets of 6.7 billion yen (about 59.7 million dollars) belonging to both users and the stock exchange itself. The Financial Services Agency has already ordered the Tech Bureau to improve its business processes in March, and then in June this year.

FSA believes that the Tech Bureau's investigation of the reasons for the recent hacking, as well as their reaction to customer questions, were insufficient. Although the firm said that on Friday, September 21, during the negotiations with the Fisco Group, financial support of 5 billion yen was received, the FSA stated that it did not receive a specific report on this issue from the company directly.

FSA Investigation

According to CT Japan, Regulator employees continue to conduct inspections of the Tech Bureau. Based on its findings, the agency is reportedly potentially able to take more stringent measures, such as suspending business and / or canceling the registration of the exchange.

Earlier this summer, the FSA published the results of its audits of operators of crypto-exchange exchanges, deciding on the basis of its findings to apply more stringent control over exchanges that hoped to receive an official license for operation. According to the agency, at present, "hundreds" of companies are awaiting consideration.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst of Freedman Club Crypto News
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