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The first bank in Europe provided clients with the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies



A commercial bank in the Czech Republic now offers online services that combine traditional financial capabilities with features for cryptocurrency users.

Expobank CZ says that its customers will be able to trade cryptocurrencies , invest in startups and buy precious metals through their accounts, writes

Expobank CZ claims that it is the first bank in Europe offering account holders the ability to perform cryptocurrency transactions along with traditional banking operations. The new service, called Neo, is based on Expobanking Bank’s online platform. This gives users complete control over their financial activities.

Expobank customers will have access to new investment opportunities in a growing cryptocurrency industry. They will have access to Fundlift, the largest crowdfunding platform in the Czech Republic and another one of the bank’s partners. Investors will be able to support Fintech startups by participating in the ICO , as well as acquire shares of well-known companies.

Neo owners will also be able to invest in precious metals. Expobank entered into an agreement with the Czech Mint, which produces gold, silver coins and bullion. In addition, buying and selling gold in the Czech Republic is exempt from taxation. Users of the new Expobank platform will also have access to insurance services provided by one of the largest local insurers Allianz.