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The crypto kit now owns 15% Litecoin



Last week, the new Litecoin kit moved more than 35 million LTC (60% of the total market capitalization of coins) to just one address. However, global stock trading does not seem to be the cause of such a large transaction.

The Litecoin team immediately posted this news on their Twitter:

A crypto kit can add 40 new wallets to Litecoin top 100 rich lists. All wallets have about 300,000 LTC each. The deal last week was a record largest since February 2018, when more than $ 1 billion was moved.

No one knows who the whale is, but still it is worth mentioning that this person now owns 15% of the entire Litecoin offer. This would mitigate the selling pressure that lowers the Litecoin price.

And what do you think about this?