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The Blockchain company intends to popularize airdrop



Blockchain, the world's largest provider of Bitcoin wallets, intends to help cryptocurrency projects with airdrop campaigns for its users. Representatives of the company are convinced that airdrop does not have investment risks, as in ICO, and difficulties in interacting with hardware devices, as in mining.

Under the Blockchain Airdrops program, purse holders will receive free selection of tokens that have passed the selection procedure.

"Airdrop allows anyone to freely get cryptocurrencies, having only an Internet connection and a computer ," stressed in Blockchain.

Representatives of the company noted that airdrop-campaigns must be completely transparent. In Blockchain, they will also evaluate the technical team of each project, the functions of the token, the community, activity in the network and compliance with legal norms.

Recall, the post of director of compliance with Blockchain was taken by the former functionary of Noble Bank.

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