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The beta-testing of Ethereum-client Turbo Geth



was launched

Independent developer Alexey Akhunov rewrote the popular Ethereum-client Geth. The new software is called "Turbo Geth". With it, the process of storing the Ethereum network history by nodes has been optimized. As reported by CoinDesk , the beta version of the client is already available for closed testing.

The amount of memory required to run a full node based on Turbo Geth is approximately 252.11 GB, which is five times less than the requirements of the traditional Geth client.

The new approach will allow network nodes to work on cheaper equipment, which in theory should lead to greater decentralization of Ethereum.

Akhunov replaced the hash tree with a simplified index, changing the principle of organizing Ethereum blockbuster databases at the client level.

"Probably, we can achieve a tenfold optimization ," he said during the Dappcon conference in Berlin this summer.

Turbo Geth combines data about the history of addresses, nodes, contracts and blocks into compact information strings, which facilitates the storage and retrieval process.

The developer noted that for the effective operation of the software it is necessary to solve the problem of long-term synchronization of the blocking system and the absence of a user-friendly interface.

Earlier Turbo Geth project became the winner of the lottery grant Ethereum Foundation, received $ 25,000 to conduct research.

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