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The authorities of West Virginia have announced a successful experiment with blockchain voting



West Virginia's state secretary of state, Mac Warner, announced the successful completion of the remote voting experiment using the Voatz blockchain platform, which was held during the recent mid-term elections in the United States.

Warner's statement said that during the November midterm elections, 144 military stationed in 24 countries around the world were able to cast their ballots remotely. As the West Virginia State Secretary noted, this is the first such project in the United States.

The mobile application developed for this purpose was presented by the blockchain-startup Voatz. It was first tested in May of this year, when voters from the military units of two districts of the state were asked to use the application during the Senate elections on May 8.

According to Symantec, which also took part in the development of Voatz, only 18% of the 2 million military and their family members outside the United States could vote in the 2016 presidential election. However, after checking the ballots, only 11% of the votes were taken into account.

However, despite the declared success of the experiment, the Deputy Secretary of State for West Virginia, Michael Queen, made it clear that it is not planned to expand it to other categories of voters.

Recall that in August , a voting system on the NEM blockchain was launched in Ukraine in a test mode.

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