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Terminator Fund – where investment and charity go hand in hand



Terminator Fund is a group of investors who, like many others, have been the victims of deception in the past. The fund calls to unite against fraudsters and make the market more civilized, and the world is better. The company's motto is:


  • All decisions on the fund are made by voting by a group of 100 investors.
  • Only one tariff plan – 3.6% per day for 75 days (profit is available for withdrawal after 24 hours).
  • At the disposal of the project a team of experienced traders located around the world, it allows you to keep your eyes open and trade with the best opportunities.

The Terminator Foundation is engaged not only in investments, but also in charity. Each month THF supports several charity projects to help the poor around the world.

October Project :

  • Unicef ​​France for helping earthquake victims in Indonesia.

November projects :

  • Kalika M / A Elementary School in Patna-Ho-Ghana will receive school furniture
  • A girl from Kerala County, India will receive a check that will help her pay her dialysis medical bills.

You can familiarize yourself with the working conditions of the Terminator Fund and join it on the official website