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SWIFT refutes rumors about cooperation with Ripple



The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Channels SWIFT denies that it had any plans to cooperate with Ripple.  

Earlier, reported that there were many assumptions about the cooperation of these two payment networks.  

The main reason for the rumors was that SWIFT is updating its protocol standards, offering customers the transition to the Swift GPI platform.

In an interview for, a spokesman for SWIFT categorically denied all the rumors, saying that they were not confirmed by truthful sources:

I don’t know exactly where all these rumors came from, but the upcoming modernization of our system is in no way connected with Ripple.  

It is also worth noting that such financial companies – MoneyGram, Mercury FX, Western Union and Currencies Direct, which are partners of SWIFT, also consider the Ripple platform as a threat to the global payment network.

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