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Survey: the popularity of cryptocurrency in China is growing, 40% are ready to invest



A recent survey in China showed that, despite the fall in the crypto market, about 40% of respondents would invest in digital money with available funds.

The poll was conducted by the local news publication PANews, which found out that 82.8% of citizens surveyed consider the purchase of cryptocurrency a “fashionable type of investment”, and 40% are ready to invest their money in digital coins.

The article does not indicate exactly how the survey was conducted, but it says that 4,980 Chinese were interviewed between November 26 and December 10.

According to the survey, 98.22% of respondents heard about at least one concept related to cryptocurrency .

About 50% said they had heard about cryptocurrency, digital money or bitcoin, while 42.3% had heard of blockchain technology . At the same time, the majority of respondents heard about cryptocurrency as a whole, and not specifically about Bitcoin.

Of the 14% of respondents who invested in cryptocurrency, only about 20% heard about Bitcoin , and the rest – about Altcoins like eftirium . Of the 598 people who reported that they bought cryptocurrency, 60.5% were between the ages of 19-28 and invested from $ 1,450 to $ 14,500.

Most went to the cryptographic market during the growth of the price of cryptocurrency. When asked if they would invest in virtual money with available funds, 39.6% answered that they would invest in cryptoactive assets.

According to PANews, the majority of those who invested in digital money came to this decision thanks to heard stories about quick enrichment, about 59% said they did not invest because of the “complicated procedures they faced in using wallets and crypto-burg ”.

63.43% of respondents do not see the need to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment, since mobile payments using Alipay or WeChat Pay are well developed in the country.

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