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Survey: 54% of institutionalists believe that Bitcoin has reached the bottom



Institutional investors are more confident in the prospects for Bitcoin growth than the other participants in the crypto community. This opinion was expressed in an interview with CNBC by Tomst Man’s managing partner Tom Lee.

According to a Twitter survey by Lee, most of the respondents are sure that the price of Bitcoin has already reached the bottom.

According to Lee, 54% of the respondents are sure of this among institutional investors.

40% of respondents believe that by the end of next year, Bitcoin will be trading well above $ 15,000.

More than a third of the respondents expressed the opinion that among macro-factors, the central banks influence the cryptocurrency prices the most, and only then the situation in emerging markets, the US dollar and the geopolitical situation.

It is noteworthy that many are confident in the prospects for growth of XRP in the next 12 months:

Earlier, Tom Lee expressed the opinion that FOMO among institutionalists and expectations associated with large investments in Bitcoin will be powerful factors in the growth of the price of the first cryptocurrency.

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