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Support for the BitPay BIP 70 payment protocol for Bitcoin Cash



More recently, EdgeWallet launched an update, which supports BIP 70 protocol for BCH. This will allow users to pay BitPay accounts directly using Bitcoin Cash in their wallet.

In the official tweet Edge announced:

Now @EdgeWallet has BIP 70 support for #BCH. Now you can directly pay @BitPay invoices

Before BitPay introduced the payment protocol (BIP 70), the total number of errors in the payment of invoices was up to a thousand per week. BIP 70 eliminates all these problems, preventing any manual errors, as it blocks the amount and address of Bitcoin. In addition, BIP 70 registers transactions first on BitPay servers to check for deviations before registering them on the Bitcoin network.

Thus, having implemented the payment protocol BIP 70, BitPay demonstrated an astonishing decrease in errors during payment by 90.24%.

And what do you think about this?