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Study: EOS is not a blockchain



Whiteblock Inc. distributed network auditor completed control testing of the EOS blockchain. After two months of research, analysts of the company came to the conclusion that EOS is a distributed homogeneous database management system, and the RAM market is a cloud computing service. This is stated in a press release.

Whiteblock stressed that it remains unclear what exactly block manufacturers can create in the context of computer computing, and the network itself faces disruptions in the consensus algorithm and may be vulnerable to Byzantine errors.

At the same time, analysts have found that the EOS bandwidth is significantly lower than stated in marketing materials [below 50 Tps].

EOS is built on the basis of a vulnerable model, in which there is no decentralization, summed up the results in the company.

Ethereum-startup ConsenSys acted as the customer of the audit through the Bounties Network platform.

Earlier, information appeared in the network that manufacturers of EOS units could participate in mutual votes. In particular, the charges featured Bitcoin Exchange Huobi, which denies involvement in possible manipulations.

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