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Study: 42% of those involved in the blockchain industry are employees of crypto exchanges



According to a new study by The Block, almost half of the people (7,700 people) involved in the blockchain industry are employees of 30 crypto exchanges.

The study analyzed 158 companies. About 42% of all people associated with the crypto industry are employees of digital asset trading platforms, about 11% work for companies that develop mining equipment, about 10% participate in the development of crypto projects, in particular Ripple, IOHK , Block.One, TRON. The leaders in hiring employees are companies such as Bitmain (1,500 people), Huobi (1,300), Coinbase (1,000), OKEx (950), Binance (650), Ripple (450).

Analyst Larry Chermak noted that, given these data, one should not be surprised that the first three companies, where the most people are involved, are the most profitable, while the rest, one might say, are still spinning up.

It is noteworthy that in Africa there are also a large number of people involved in one way or another in the blockchain industry, the largest crypto exchanges are located in this region in Nigeria and North Africa.