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Stockpoint – official European crypto-exchange with the support of fiat currency



With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, there are more and more convenient services for buying and selling digital assets. We try to inform you about the most interesting and convenient services, so today we will talk about Stockpoint cryptocurrency exchange.

Stockpoint Crypto Exchange is a universal platform providing convenient trading of cryptocurrency assets and fiat currencies. The exchange stands out among the majority of similar sites with the fact that the company is officially registered in Slovakia and has a representative office in Estonia.

Stockpoint platform provides an easy start for beginners, due to user-friendly interface, quick and easy registration. Commissions for trading are lower than the market average, a good choice of cryptocurrencies available, Fiat support, operational support and other advantages for efficient and convenient trading.

Key features of Stockpoint site

  • Official status . The exchange is registered in the country of the European Union (Slovakia).
  • Online technical support . Works in a mode 24/7. Assistance in resolving any issue within 1-2 minutes.
  • Deposit / withdrawal of funds in fiatnom currency . The following fiat currencies are available to replenish the balance and withdrawal of funds: dollar, euro, rubles, hryvnia. The exchange is a partner of Mastercard.
  • Low fees . 0.05% for the transaction, 0.1% for withdrawal, top-up – no fees.
  • Reliability Serious attention to security issues and the introduction of advanced methods of protection: the Cryptowallet system, two-factor authentication and mandatory verification of all users.
  • Promissory notes StockPoint Bills are the ability to create top-up codes in any available currency within the exchange for saving or transferring out of exchange. The bill can be created using any supported currency.

Also, at the moment there is a special offer for new users on the site: register now and your first three transactions will be carried out without commission!

What assets are available at Stockpoint?

In the listing of the exchange today are:

  • 4 fiat currency : US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Russian rubles (RUB), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
  • 7 cryptocurrency : Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP).

Account Registration

To register on the Stockpoint platform, go to the Exchange website and click the "Register" button in the upper right corner:

After which you will need :

  • Enter the current email address, password, confirm the password and enter the captcha;
  • Agree to the terms of service and terms of service → click Register;
  • Follow the link in the email sent to the specified email to confirm the registration.

After registration, we recommend that you verify your account to comply with the requirements of KYC / AML. It will help to quickly restore the account in the event of hacking, from which more than one user is not insured (beware of phishing sites and do not store the password in the clear form).

Also, verification is required for the withdrawal of fiat currency.

Account Verification

Verification (proof of identity) is recommended for all Stockpoint users according to the requirements of the KYC policy (know your client) in order to prevent money laundering.

Verification is mandatory only if you need to withdraw funds in Fiat (rubles, dollars, euros). It is possible to deposit money on the exchange, exchange / trade, withdraw cryptocurrency without going through verification.

Anyway, we strongly recommend that all readers of our site go through the verification procedure even on those crypto-exchanges where this is not mandatory (for security purposes). In addition, it takes no more than 15 minutes of your time.

The process consists of three stages :

  • Name verification . Fields are filled in: last name, first name, middle name (if provided). Upload a photo / scan of your passport or ID card.
  • Address verification . Fields are filled in: address, additional address (if available), city, zip code. A photo is loaded / scan of a utility bill or photo / scan of a passport page with a residence permit (other documents confirming the place of residence are allowed).
  • Verification of the person . Fields are filled in: the series and number of the passport, who issued it, the country of issuance of the passport. Loaded selfie with a passport or ID card. The photo should show the face and passport in hand. The passport must be clearly visible, the passport fields are not covered by hand or any other objects.

Unlike many other exchanges, Stockpoint accepts documents with information in Cyrillic (Russian letters) – it is very convenient if you do not have a passport.

You can read more about the identity verification procedure on the official website: verification at Stockpoint .

Security Settings

Reliability and security of user tools and personal data is one of StockPoint's top priorities.

But the exchange can not ensure the safety of funds and data stored on the user's computer. Therefore, each client must take additional security measures, namely:

  • Restrict the access of other people to the device on which funds or passwords are stored;
  • Install a quality antivirus;
  • Store cryptocurrency in the official wallet;
  • Use the most complex passwords for the account, mailbox and encrypted wallet on the computer;
  • Enable two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is connected in your account. You can activate authentication using email (the confirmation code to log in to your account will be sent to your email) or connect the Google Authenticator application.

Authentication with Google Authenticator :

  • Download the Google Authenticator App;
  • Launch Google Authenticator on your device and scan the QR code;
  • After reading the QR code, the application will generate one-time passwords every 30 seconds;
  • To log in to your account, enter the received one-time password.

Further, when working with the exchange, such a one-time password will need to be entered each time you log into your account or when you withdraw funds from your account.

Exchange interface

Links to all the necessary information are in the footer (at the bottom of the site). All you need to work on the stock exchange Stockpoint is in the header (top menu):

  • Review . Displays open orders + stores transaction history.
  • Bidding is the most frequent section for a crypto trader: cryptocurrency trading is carried out / deals are created (on this tab, we’ll go into more detail later in the article).
  • Exchange . It provides an opportunity to quickly, literally in 2 clicks, buy the desired cryptocurrency at the market price.
  • Bills – something like a coupon. This tool allows you to transfer assets between users of the exchange with a minimum commission.

The interface of the trading terminal looks like this :

There are two types of orders available in the trading interface :

  • Simple order to buy / sell . This is an order that is executed as soon as a suitable counter order is found, at your price or more profitable. If there is no suitable counter order, to complete the execution of your order, but there is a counter order, which can partially fulfill your request, then your order will be partially executed, and the rest will remain in the “glass” and will wait for suitable orders.
  • Order to buy / sell on the market . This is an order that is executed immediately at the market price (at the top price of "glass"). If the placed order cannot be executed completely at the top price, it will be executed in parts, starting from the top and going down the glass, until it is completely executed.

Trading and withdrawal fees

Stockpoint exchange is another of the lowest fees for stock exchange services.

  • Commission on depositing funds on the stock exchange – 0%;
  • Commission on the purchase / sale – 0.05%;
  • Withdrawal fees – 0.1%.

You can learn detailed information about current commissions and limits (min and max values) in the table on the exchange website .

Affiliate program – additional income

Stockpoint partners receive additional revenue by attracting new users to the service.

To become a Stockpoint Partner you need :

  • In your account to get an affiliate link;
  • Share a link with friends and acquaintances (the more actively, the better the result);
  • Get profit from the commission for all transactions of their referrals.


Stockpoint is an easy-to-learn crypto-exchange with a user-friendly interface that is understandable for both novice and experienced traders. A huge advantage of the site is the support of fiat currencies and official status in the EU, and the disadvantages include a small list of cryptocurrencies, although all major tokens are available for trading.

The exchange will be an excellent partner for those who are just beginning to master crypto-trading, allowing trading with popular trading pairs on favorable terms. In particular, the platform will be convenient for those who conduct large volumes of transactions with Fiat, because it allows you to open accounts in dollars, euros, rubles and hryvnia.

Share your opinion on Stockpoint crypto-bargaining in the comments below …

Publication date 07/19/2019
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Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin will be the future of finance, unlike real estate and gold



Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said real estate and gold investments cannot be the future of finance, as cryptocurrency has come into the spotlight. The entrepreneur, who several times this year called the ideal investment portfolio to invest in gold, real estate and bitcoin, now believes that only cryptocurrency will strategically win.

In an interview with Anthony Pompliano, managing partner of cryptocurrency investment company Morgan Creek Capital, Kiyosaki said that you really need to look “beyond the horizon” of the current financial situation. He admitted that it was not easy for him to understand the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, but nevertheless he made an effort, conducted an analysis and made certain conclusions.

According to Kiyosaki, bitcoin will reach the level of 75 thousand dollars within three years.

“It is very important to understand how cryptocurrencies work, as the financial world is already starting to change. Those investors who will continue to rely on gold and real estate will find themselves outside the main changes in the sphere of global finance. ”

The entrepreneur made his forecast while on July 9 a troy ounce of gold reached almost a 9-year high (about $ 1800), if we do not take into account the accumulated inflation in the US dollar.

Meanwhile, the precious metal has not reached the historical maximum of 2011, since for this formally a troy ounce it is necessary to rise above $ 1900, but in fact – it is sure to overcome the mark of $ 2050, given the accumulated devaluation in the US currency.

Recall that entrepreneur Kim Dotkom and billionaire Mike Novogratz declared their investment preferences in the form of gold and cryptocurrencies .

Date of publication 07.15.2020
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Staking and cryptocrediting – which is more profitable than stablecoins or PoS cryptocurrencies?



In this article, we will consider the prospects of cryptocurrency staking as a new way of passive earnings, about the differences between staking and cryptocrediting, as well as about the main platforms designed for this.

If you have not been interested in staking before, then a variety of coins and platforms that support this type of passive income can make you dizzy. And with the advent of stablecoins, the choice has become even wider. What type of coins is better in terms of profit and risk?

Cryptocurrency Staking in 2020

A year ago, cryptocurrency staking was much simpler than now. The cryptocurrency market was attended by only a few specialized platforms, a pair of popular cryptocurrencies and approximately the same rate of return.

But these times have passed: in 2020, staking has grown into a serious segment of the crypto industry for several reasons.

  • Firstly, the market now has more than 30 PoS coins that support the possibility of staking.
  • Secondly, many kriptobirzh now there own PoS-nodes – an interesting alternative to special steykingovym platforms.

Moreover, now investors are provided with staking and deposit accounts in stablecoins, which allow minimizing risk and getting profitability at the level of PoS-coins or even higher. What to choose?

To find out, you need to compare the two main options on the market (PoS coins and stablecoins), according to a number of clear criteria. However, an important reservation must first be made about the nature of staking.

Staking and cryptocrediting are not the same thing

Coins that use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm – Tezos, Cosmos, BIP, and LOOM – initially support staking. While the value of stablecoins is tied to a specific asset – for example, to the US dollar.

Stablecoins are not available for styling, but loans – coins are issued as a loan to another user who pays a deposit in response. However, for investors there is no particular practical difference between staking and lending. That is why one can hear on the cryptocurrency market, for example, about “USDC staking”.

Real ROI and Volatility

Let us compare the return on investment in PoS coins and stablecoins and how this indicator is affected by the volatility inherent in the crypto market.

  • PoS coins . Each coin has its own nominal rate of return built into the algorithm. For example, for Cosmos (ATOM) it is 8.35%. However, a really important value is the real profitability, which is calculated on the basis of price changes for any period. For example, if you invested $ 10,000 in the stake of ATOM coins on January 1 of this year, then by June 1 you would have received a nominal income of about 3.5%. Instead of 2309 coins, you would have 2390. However, over the same period of five months, the price of a coin fell by more than 30%: from $ 4.33 to $ 2.96. The cost of the steak, along with interest, would be only $ 7075, and the real ROI would drop to -30%.
  • Stablecoins . Everything is simple with them: what rate is declared, the investor receives such ROI, minus the platform commissions. On cryptocrediting platforms, the rates are quite stable and allow you to predict income: for example, if you pay 1.94% per annum for USDC deposits on Fulcrum platform, then your profit in dollar terms will also be 1.94%, unless something out of the ordinary happens the USDC coin will not lose its peg to the US dollar.

Verdict: on average, the real ROI of stablecoins is higher and more predictable, as there is almost no volatility. A PoS coin can suddenly increase in price and bring profitability of 20% or more, but it can also lose half its value.

Number of platforms available and conditions

Next, we compare the number of available platforms for staking PoS coins and stablecoins and the conditions that they offer to holders.

PoS Coins

Dozens of platforms offer staking popular coins like Tezos and Cosmos. These sites can be divided into two categories:

  • Specialized sites are Staked, Staking Lab and Dokia Capital, among others.
  • Crypto exchanges – Bitfinex, Kraken, and KuCoin are among the smaller platforms.

Of course, platform competition is good for investors, but such a wide choice also means that you have to spend more time searching for information.

Having chosen a coin, it will be necessary to study the rates of return taking into account the commission at different sites, as well as assess the risks of each of them. Moreover, commission rates on different platforms can vary greatly, which affects the investor’s income. For example, for the ATOM coin, the Binance exchange promises a yield of 6–9% per annum, while on Stakin this figure will be 9.1%, and on – only 6.1%.


This type of digital asset can be deposited on various lending platforms:

  • Centralized – BlockFi, CoinLoan, Nexo, as well as a number of exchanges – Binance , Bitfinex, Poloniex.
  • Decentralized – Compound, Nuo, dYdX, Aave and others.

It should be borne in mind that different lending platforms can offer completely different rates for the same coin. For example, deposit income in USDC ranges from 1.25% to 8.6%.

Verdict: by the number of platforms, ordinary staking coins win. However, in the case of staking or lending in stablecoins, choosing a platform is easier: you do not have to compare so many options.

Risks: interest in the project

We have already mentioned volatility as a key risk factor. When staking stablecoins, the investor receives a reward in cryptocurrency , which can often be exchanged for fiat. But staking PoS-coins can lead to losses due to volatility. Another factor by which it is worth evaluating the profitability of investing in a PoS coin is the level of interest in a particular coin.

Stablecoins have a significant advantage: they were originally created as a reliable way to store and transfer funds between participants in a transaction. In the current crisis, investor interest in stablecoins can only grow. On the other hand, each PoS coin is a cryptocurrency of some kind of blockchain project , which can both succeed and fail. If the founders do not launch the product, then the price of the token may fall.

Another risk factor is the platform on which staking takes place. Both for stablecoins and for PoS-coins, both centralized (custodial) and decentralized (non-custodian) platforms are available. A cryptocurrency exchange like Binance is a classic example of a custodial solution: you transfer coins to the exchange for storage. If she is attacked by hackers, your steak may disappear.

In the case of non-custodian platforms, the risk of theft or fraud is quite low. It doesn’t matter which asset to use when staking or depositing and where: USDC – on Compound, USDN – on Waves․Exchange, XTZ – on P2PValidator.

And vice versa: on custodian platforms, the risks are higher, both in the case of providing stablecoins on credit, and in the case of PoS-coins staking. And since the bulk of PoS staking passes through exchanges such as Bitfinex and Binance, we can conclude that, on average, the risks of owners of PoS assets are more serious.

Verdict: PoS coins are more risky, because their price is highly dependent on both interest in the blockchain project itself and market sentiment. It is safer to choose non-custodian platforms for both types of coins.


Nominal rates of return for PoS coins are often very attractive, but price fluctuations can lead to negative profitability. In the case of stablecoins, a positive result is almost guaranteed. At the same time, you should not expect earnings on stablecoin more than 15-17%, although it is possible with a PoS asset.

Ultimately, the choice should depend on your personal attitude to risk. Investors who are willing to take risks in the hope of earning super-high returns should invest in a classic PoS coin – for example, Tezos .

If it is important for you to keep the investment (especially in the case of large amounts), then stablecoins are definitely preferable due to the better risk-to-ROI ratio.

As the global economic crisis deepens, more and more investors will acquire crypto assets. This will undoubtedly change the market balance in the segments of staking and cryptocredit. How exactly? We will find out soon.

Date of publication 09.07.2020
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Binance Exchange added the ability to purchase cryptocurrency from Mastercard



This Friday Binance Exchange announced the addition of the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies using bank cards in the Mastercard system.

The service covers 19 countries, including Russia and Ukraine. There are no other CIS countries on the list yet.

To use the option, you must log in to your personal account at , go to the “Buy Cryptocurrencies” tab and select payment using a bank card. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Binance Coin, USDT and some other assets are available for direct purchases from Mastercard cards.

Previously, users already had the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency on Binance using Russian Visa cards.

Also this morning, Binance CEO Changpen Zhao hosted another live broadcast at Periscope. Zhao’s speech mainly covered the latest achievements of the exchange, including the launch of the Binance Card , mining pool , Binance KR, OTC portal, as well as cooperation with Brave and the acquisition of CoinMarketCap . In addition, Zhao recalled the need to maintain social distance.

“We have completed the initial development of platforms, and now I think it is important for us to support mining , since bitcoin mining is now centralized. We want more players to take part in it, as well as support existing players, ” he said.

In addition, on his Twitter, Zhao shared a screenshot testifying to the preparation of the exchange for the launch of option trading.

He left no comments on this subject. In the main Twitter account of Binance, a list of tasks for testers that was “publicly available” was posted. Among other things, it includes the item “test option trading”.

Publication date 04/04/2020
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