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State Street: a typical investment portfolio will include tokenized assets



Jay Biancamano, director of digital product development at the custodial bank State Street, believes that tokenized assets are changing the model for creating an investment portfolio.

During the recording of the podcast for The Scoop, Biancamano noted that the ability to tokenize assets will allow investors to easily include more liquid assets in their portfolio, we are talking about real estate, intellectual property, art. Currently, investor portfolios include stocks, bonds, and currencies.

The representative of State Street believes that those who are one step ahead will be able to experience the benefits of interacting with tokenized assets. According to his assumptions, after 5 years the choice of investors will be fundamentally different from what is attracting their attention now.

State Street Corporation is a large holding company that is based in the United States and specializes in investment activities. The company was founded in 1792. The main element of the holding, State Street Bank, is one of the thirty important international banking institutions, and is part of the Federal Reserve System.