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ShapeShift introduced the updated analytical service CoinCap



The platform for instant exchange of crypto assets ShapeShift introduced an updated analytical service The company said this in its blog .

Also about this wrote the CEO and founder of ShapeShift Eric Vorges.

He noted that CoinCap provides users with reliable data on the market, including real-time updates on more than 1,200 crypto assets, 65 exchanges, various metrics and charts from TradingView. Also, according to Eric Voorhes, the service supports "night mode", is adapted for mobile devices and does not contain advertising.

Also in the blog notes that versions of CoinCap for mobile operating systems iOS and Android will appear at the end of this year.

Earlier BlockchainJournal reported that the crypto community had severely criticized the new ShapeShift rules , which implied the implementation of AML / KYC procedures and the collection of personal user data.

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