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Seven times about WAVES, once about Ripple: an overview of crypto conventions and memes of the week



Hi, these are cryptomes, chuaaaak) And we know what you say:

No, how's the cue ball? After all, the weekly price chart of the first cryptocurrency formed a bullish pattern “Inverted Hammer”. The small body of the candle consisted of the difference between the opening price of $ 6,183 and the close at $ 6,415. The scope of fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin is still extremely low . Everything is stable.

Lol from r / bitcoinmemes

So, as expected, traders are bored:

Though go to the alts:

Oh, these Coin games:

The main thing is not to play:

Trading is not a sentence, they said:

12 yrs. later. from r / cryptomemes

Because it’s not like this:

HODL AND HODL until you die. from r / cryptomemes

In general, be cautious:

And we have a joke:

Earlier this week, bitcoin enthusiast Andrew the Great in his Facebook suggested writing sayings for the crypto community.

Actually, the results:

That's all, see you next Saturday) And do not forget about the beautiful:

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