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Samsung is developing its cryptocurrency wallet "Samsung Crypto Wallet"



The largest South Korean corporation Samsung has registered a trademark for a cryptocurrency wallet .

The UK Crypt trademark trademark was registered with the UK IPO IP Office in the Office of Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement. It is likely that the rumors that Samsung is developing cryptographic models may still be partly true.

In the application, Samsung points to the development of software for wallets that allows you to store and transfer digital currencies. The application is built using distributed registry technology , users will be able to install it on their smartphones for the operational management of cryptocurrency .

This information came almost immediately after Samsung denied rumors about its intention to integrate a cold cryptocell on its Galaxy S10. According to incorrect media information, the Korean corporation has already sent three applications to the European Union for registration of a trademark, which will be used in software.

So, Samsung allegedly wanted to embed cryptocell in smartphones that will be equipped with an option for storage:

However, the giant's official representative said that the media had spread false information and called it nothing more than rumors.

However, if now the giant still gets the right to register a trademark for a cryptograph, then Samsung will actually become a corporation that has begun producing its own devices using blockchain technologies. In this case, the products of the Korean company will compete with such giants as HTC and Sirin Labs, who have already presented similar devices in the form of blockchain smartphones.

Recall that the Taiwanese company HTC introduced the Exodus 1 smartphone with two cameras and a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. You can purchase this device only for cryptocurrency. Its cost is 0.15 Bitcoin and 4.78 Ethereum. Initially, blockchain-smartphone will be able to buy only the citizens of Singapore, the UK and even residents of 30 countries.

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