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Rothschild magazine The Economist wrote about Bitcoin January 9, 1988



In 1988, The Economist published a forecast of the victory of the "world currency" over national currencies, writes Asiacryptotoday .

"For 30 years, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, residents of many rich and relatively poor countries will be able to pay for their purchases with a single currency."

A phoenix with a coin worth 10 units was depicted on the cover of the magazine, and 2018 is above the flaming dollar . Then many wondered whether by this time the market would be ready for the transition to the global currency.

"All prices will not be in dollars, yen or German marks, but, say, in phoenixes … Phoenix will be used by companies and buyers, because this currency will be more convenient than national currencies, which will cause the crisis of the 20th century."

Judging by the activity on the social network Twitter, users are waiting for an unexpected turn of events all week . For example, the user @ vietnguyen posted a message:

“The Rothschild magazine The Economist wrote about the new world currency on January 9, 1988. In this case, isn't the cryptocurrency a 30-year development of this globalist? Will the stock market fall on October 10 or November 11 bitcoin "?