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Rospatent will launch in Russia new platforms and services based on blockchain technology



Since 2020, Rospatent plans to launch new projects based on decentralized technologies. This was told to journalists by the head of the department Grigory Ivliev, one of the participants in the opening forum "Open Innovations" in Moscow.

The official noted that in 2019 Rospatent already launched the first blockchain projects. In particular, the agency introduced a blockchain platform for copyright registration. Ivliev said that the results of testing of such projects will be summed up by the end of this year.

The specialists of Rospatent in the future want to develop a platform for online registration of rights. In addition, the Ivliev department was tasked with developing a search system for experts, as well as automating a professional product evaluation using blockchain technology .

Access to such services will be available to ministries, state companies and other entities involved in copyright registration, the head of Rospatent added.

Note that many Russian government agencies are trying to use blockchain technologies in their work. Recently, the Central Election Commission announced the launch of a platform for electoral processes.

According to the leadership of this department, the use of decentralized technologies will increase the transparency of elections and ensure the security of information received.

Publication date 10/22/2019
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