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The company RIF Labs has acquired the Argentine blockchain-startup RSK Labs, which develops the opensource-platform of smart contracts with two-way binding to bitcoin.

RIF Labs is a third-party project of the founders and developers of RSK, focused on the creation of a digital infrastructure for digital identification, economic coordination and settlement called RIF OS.

Together, startups will continue to develop the RSK platform, the hallmark of which is compatibility with the Ethereum decentralized applications interface, and on top of this protocol they will build an RIF infrastructure.

Earlier, BlockchainJournal published an extended interview with the head of RSK Labs, Diego Gutieress, in which the latter spoke about the achievements of the startup and its future goals.

BlockchainJournal also managed to talk with RSK Labs co-founder Gabriel Kurman and discuss startup philosophy, PoS issues, and sidechain principles.

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