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Ripple (XRP) for the last day increased by 13%



What happens to Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency? After a disappointing fall to $ 0.38, today its price has risen sharply to a level of $ 0.52.

The sharp increase in prices is due to the fact that XRP has been added to the platform of the Canadian exchange CoinField.  

CoinField presents 20 XRP trading pairs. The exchange also offers a referral program, which involves awarding customers 10 XRP tokens for each registration.

With a transaction fee of 0.05% exchange   CoinField certainly puts XRP in a good position, making it an even stronger player in the overall cryptocurrency market.  

When Bitcoin has been hovering around $ 6,400 for about a month, it looks like XRP shows strong competition to the ten-year-old king of the cryptocurrency market.

Now XRP is trading at a price of $ 0.52, while the market capitalization has grown to $ 21 billion.  

And what do you think about Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP)?