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Ripple network recorded a transaction for 90 million XRP



On December 27, a transaction for 90 million XRP was recorded in the Ripple network, the total amount of which at the time of the transfer was about $ 33 million. Note that the sender's and recipient's purses are not assigned to organizations or to a specific person.

This was followed by another major transaction for 30 million XRP ($ 11 million). It was never possible to associate with the stock exchanges or the company Ripple.

Note that last week 51 million XRP ($ 22.3) were transferred to the Bitstamp exchange, and today, December 28, another 17.5 million coins from the Ripple OTC purse.

Meanwhile, the XRP rate follows a general downtrend, losing in the price about 5% in the last 24 hours.

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Earlier, Coinbase confirmed the movement of cryptocurrencies that are under its control for a total of $ 5 billion.

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