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Ripple financial report: a significant increase in XRP sales in the third quarter



The Ripple cryptocurrency platform published a financial report for the third quarter of 2018, according to which the XRP token worth $ 163 million was sold, which is twice as much as it was sold in the previous period.

The report also states that Ripple's program sales amounted to $ 65.27 million (0.172% of the total XRP).

In addition, a subsidiary of Ripple – XRP II sold the XRP token in the amount of 98.06 million US dollars.  

It is worth noting that the volatility of XRP was insignificant throughout most of the third quarter, but then increased with the price of the digital asset.  

Currently, XRP is trading at a price of $ 0.46. The market capitalization of the asset is $ 18 billion.  

And what do you think about Ripple sales growth?