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Ripple and NEM launch Blockchain for Europe



Ripple and NEM created a new association to represent blockchain companies across Europe.

The so-called association “Blockchain for Europe” declares that it is the first and single representative for the industry on this continent. The main goal of the association is to show the true nature and potential of blockchain technologies.  

The Blockchain for Europe Association is designed to help the European Union develop regulations that will stimulate growth in this sector. Unfortunately, his website is currently down.

Dan Morgan, who heads up the Ripple Division for Relationship Management in Europe, commented on the event:

Ripple is pleased to be a founding member of Blockchain for Europe. Now is an important time for policy makers in Europe, as they seek to develop the right regulatory framework for both digital assets and blockchain technology in general.

NEM co-founder Christoph Van de Reck also made a statement about the launch of the association:  

There is no unbiased information, especially when it comes to the open and decentralized application of this technology. We strive to provide impartial information that will not be beneficial only to specific organizations.

The association was created primarily to follow the interests of blockchain companies. We hope that European regulators will also consider the interests of consumers, turning to blockchain companies to create a new legal framework that will provide better protection as well as growth in the industry.

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