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Research: In 2019 the volume of crypto-trading will grow by 50%



In 2019, the volume of crypto-trading will grow by 50% – according to the analytical company Satis Group. At least until 2028 the number of transactions will grow by 9% annually. As a result, crypto-exchanges will continue to receive more and more profit. In 2017, they earned $ 2.1 billion, and in 2019 plan to receive more than $ 3 billion. Although the authors of the study specify: the sites need to improve their infrastructure in order to reduce the pressure of regulators.

"Although there is already a fairly stable market of consumer trading and storage (custody), these services are still not 100% meet the needs of institutional investors. Their procedures must comply with the more stringent rules of regulators. "

Experts of the company expect that in 2019 the volume of crypto-trade will exceed in volume trade in corporate debt. It will also approach 10% of US equity trading.

"Despite the long bear market, investment continues to grow. Users better understand the basics of what the crypto market is working on. In the US and the world, the regulatory framework is improving. Fiscal policy makes virtual assets more attractive. Thus, the crypto-currency infrastructure has the potential for development. "

In another report, Satis suggested that in the next 10 years anonymous coins will receive significant profits – because governments and central banks will tighten their limits. In their opinion, bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Dash will grow significantly. We wrote about their prediction earlier.

At the moment, the crypto market holds a market capitalization of $ 216 billion. The daily trading volume is $ 15 billion, trade pairs dominate with Bitcoin, Tether, XRP.