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Research: for all time ICO-projects attracted $ 28.4 billion



Analysts at Elementus claim that the primary coin offer market (ICO) is still quite active, for the first time Singapore has outperformed the US in terms of the number of tokensiles, and for all time, projects have raised $ 28.4 billion.

In their blog, researchers note that in August ICO-projects collected $ 1.4 billion, which is 44% more than a month earlier. They also emphasize that this market is becoming more competitive and attracts the attention of more and more well-known companies. In addition, security-tokens, which are inherent in the characteristics of securities, are gradually gaining popularity.

At the same time, analysts say that despite the openness and transparency of the data declared by the projects, it is difficult to determine the exact information on the aggregate amounts of funds raised.

Since the advent of ICO as a mechanism for attracting investments, and as of the end of August, a total of $ 28.4 billion has been raised for these projects. Of these, $ 15.9 billion were raised for the period from February to August this year.

Below is an animated history of Tokensail. The video shows projects that have collected at least $ 100 thousand from the beginning of 2014 to August 2018.

The graph below shows data on the amounts collected by ICO-projects since September 2016:

Thus, despite the apparent "deterioration in appetite" of investors in comparison with February 2018, the picture is not so gloomy. So, the total amount of funds collected by ICO-projects in August of this year is comparable to the results of November last year.

Moreover, the rapid growth in the volume of funds was mainly due to such large projects as EOS ($ 4.2 billion, 06.2017 – 06.2018), Telegram ($ 1.7 billion, 02.2018 – 03.2018) and Tatatu ($ 575 million, 06.2018). If we exclude these three projects from the general picture, then the situation will be quite stable, even despite a deep recession in the market:

ICO statistics by month (with the exception of EOS, Telegram and Tatatu)

The graph below shows the dynamics of the number of token-days by month:

In the next chart, you can see that for the first time in history, more ICO was conducted in Singapore than in the US:

Previously, researchers from Diar reported that in August the financial targets reached only 17 projects. At the same time, a third of ICO-tokens are not traded on any of the exchanges, and 70% of coins are even cheaper than at the time of their initial offer.

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