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Research: 25% of US residents aged 24-38 use and store cryptocurrency



A quarter of the wealthy American "millennials" use or store cryptocurrency . Edelman's Millennials with Money study identifies wealthy Millennials as people aged 24-38 with an individual or joint income of $ 100,000 or $ 50,000 in investment.

Another 31% are interested in the use of cryptocurrency .

According to Deidre Campbell, head of financial services at Edelman, the numbers are quite surprising, although they are not surprised by the millennials she spoke with:

"All owners of cryptocurrency said to me that they would like to buy it before ," said Campbell.

Study participants also prefer cash over other generations. According to Campbell, a strong habit of accumulation makes Millennials resilient to the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

“This does not mean that they are more risk averse by nature, ” explains Deirdre. “ They just have certain savings.” Therefore, they are more open to various possibilities. ”

The study showed that millennials, especially wealthy ones, fear a financial crisis.

More than three quarters of them said that the new financial crisis is “only a matter of time”. Among the less affluent, this number is 58%.