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Price forecast: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple



Recently, we can observe the following:

  • Ripple reminds us of good times.
  • Bitcoin captures the moment and breaks through its most important level of resistance.
  • Ethereum has everything you need to get up, and we'll see if it grabs this moment.

Dawn in Europe, and the current situation is divided between the postponement of the decision on the VanEck BTC ETF and the loud growth of Ripple, which, in addition to figures, reaches a technical milestone that is rarely met. He, so to speak, restores the ground under his feet and erases a week of doubt in just one night.

For its part, Ethereum continues to grow, albeit much slower.

As for the decision delay from VanEck ETF, the arguments are the same as always. Concerned about the possible manipulation of the base price (Bitcoin), transparency and other factors, they request additional information. The crypto currency market has ignored the news and continues to show a good bullish trend in recent sessions.


BTC / USD 240-Min

BTC / USD currently trades at a price level of $ 6,697, exceeding the level that it showed since September 6 last year. Short-term target of BTC / USD is 7 200 US dollars.

Above the current price, the first resistance is expected at $ 6,760 (resistance to price overload), then at $ 6,850. $ 7,100 is the last resistance level in this scenario.

Overcoming this resistance would allow BTC / USD to attack the line of the bullish trend, which regulated the price since June.

Below the current price, the first support is $ 6.436 (SMA200). If this level is lost, which will be a disappointment for the market, then technically it would not matter. The next level of support is 6 590 US dollars (support for price congestion). But the loss of this level will be absolutely unpleasant, since below this level the next support will remain at $ 6200, and the entire bullish trend will be lost.

MACD on the 240-Min shows a clear bullish and basic phase profile. This means that there is a possibility of growth. Due to the increase in the average values, it has the potential for a significant increase.

DMI on 240-Min confirms everything seen and shows that the bulls boil. Supporting the movement, we see ADX, which accelerates and confirms the possibility of a significant increase.

ETH / USD 240-Min

Currently, ETH / USD is trading at a price level of $ 225. He managed to overcome the resistance line at $ 220, and at the moment he is able to consolidate profits.

Bitcoin does not follow its bullish path, but we see signs that it's only a matter of time.

Above the current price, the first resistance is $ 247 (SMA200) and the key level for overcoming. This is the only obstacle to the next resistance at $ 270 (resistance to overload).

Until the short-term target level is above $ 320, the resistance level of ETH / USD will be $ 290 (resistance to overload) and $ 310.

Below the current price, the first level of support is at the level of $ 220. The loss of this level will discourage the ETH market. Below we will note the important support, created by EMA50 and SMA100, at a price of 212 US dollars. If this second support is lost, we'll see the last attempt at $ 195, this is a critical level that can lead to a very dark future for Ethereum.

MACD on the 240-Min shows a fully bullish trend, even if the price does not reflect this. We must closely monitor this situation to determine which side is lying about the price.

The DMI on the 240-Min shows us bulls with absolute control. They shoot up when the bears fall and lose all power. ADX moves upwards, but not yet above level 20. It is possible that the moment of actual elevations is indicated by this component above this level (20).

XRP / USD 240-Min

XRP / USD is the main character of the day. The spectacular climbs, which were already scheduled yesterday at the last minute, arose during the late American and Asian morning session. With growth, XRP / USD enters the scene, which he already lost in early August.

On the way, he overcame at least 7 levels of resistance. It is located above the bullish trend line, which starts from the end of June, as well as above the base bearish channel, which originated from the late March highs.

Now XRP / USD is trying to consolidate the important level it has won. If XRP / USD does this, an absolute change in the scenario with a medium-term bullish trend at a price level of $ 0.80.

Above the current price and up to the mark of $ 0.80, we see several levels of resistance. The first three – $ 0.51, $ 0.55 and $ 0.58 (resistance to overloads).

Below the current price, yesterday's levels are already far away. All that is received now is support. The first support is at the key level, formed by the trend line and the channel base of $ 0.45. The loss of this level will be very detrimental. Below this support, the next level is $ 0.441 (support for price congestion), and the third level of support is $ 0.429.

MACD on the 240-Min is very open and prone to growth. It may require a slight lateral movement to regulate it. However, in the medium term the profile is absolutely bullish.

240-min. DMI supports the idea of ​​certain tranquility in the coming periods. Bulls have absolute control, but they are located slightly lower than ADX, which indicates a touch to level 60. This implies a very strong trend. On the other hand, bears hibernate and disappear from the script.

And what do you think about this?