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Postpone Counter-Strike: how to monetize free time using bitcoin games



You have already collected a crypto portfolio, read all the exclusive materials of our publication and are thinking about what to do with your free time? BlockchainJournal made for you a small selection of games in which cryptocurrency, blockchain and fun go alongside. In the review you can also find out where to watch the popularity rating of this or the game.

Let's start with gambling

According to the report of the British consulting firm Juniper Research, thanks to the increased demand for digital products, the volume of the online gambling industry will reach $ 1 trillion by 2022, and the number of gambling players will exceed 684 million. There is a widespread community opinion among crypto-enthusiasts who have gambling fans. It is possible that gambling services with cryptocurrency can take pride of place in the gaming industry.

For whom: lovers of the tropics, space and sapper

The platform offers six games: Tropical Dream Slots, Stellar Slots, Dice, Minesweeper, 777 Slots and Wheel of Fortune. In Dice you need to guess a random number from 00.00 to 99.99. The Minesweeper game is a passing minefield. After each successful step, the winning amount is equal to the sum of the bet multiplied by the payout ratio of the current step. The player reserves the right to take the winning amount or continue the game. Tropical Dream Slots, Stellar Slots and 777 Slots differ only in the symbols of the slots: you can look at tropical beauties, space monsters, or give preference to classic pictures. accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

For whom: avid online casino players

С is built on the basis of a classic online casino and offers dice, blackjack, slots, roulette, video poker, plinko and lottery. On the portal you can bet in Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Stratis, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and more.

Collectible Crypto Games

Most often, in collection crypto games, gamers buy items or attributes presented in the form of tokens of the ERC-20 or ERC-721 standards, with a view to their further sale and profit.


For whom: fans of jokes about celebrities and fans of CryptoKitties

MyCryptons allows users to buy, collect and exchange the digital incarnation of celebrities (politicians, musicians, talk show hosts, cult personalities) and fantastic heroes (Republican elephants and donkey-democrats) in the form of ERC-721 tokens. You can also sign a tagline to each collection item and publish it on the social network. Ethereum wallet and MetaMask extension are required to purchase your own Cryptons. Unlike the similar game CryptoKitties, MyCryptons has not yet been convicted of overloading the Ethereum blockchain.


For whom: unicorns fans

In UnicornGO, you need to “trade” unicorns, pair them, and then send the best breeds to tournament fights. The main in-game currency UnicornGO is the Candy token.


For whom: wanting to conquer space and Ilona Mask.

You can follow the evolution of exoplanets, control the spacecraft and fight for the title of the leader of the galaxy in the game ExoPlanets. Game items (ERC-721 tokens) contain information with real scientific data about space. Extracted resources on the planets are converted into ExoTokens tokens. They can be used to launch ships, explore other space bodies and purchase equipment necessary to conquer galaxies.

Ether quest

For whom: for Warcraft fans

This is a fantasy RPG game. In addition to buying and selling one-of-a-kind warriors, gamers can gain a character through loot, called the “ritual of challenge.” In Ether Quest, warriors fight dungeon monsters and other players in the arena to gain Ethereum.

In November, the developers of Ether Quest promised to release a new crypto game Glitch Goons, in which cybernetic humanoid animals fight each other in a post-apocalyptic world.


For whom: Game of Thrones fans

Dragonereum is an interactive game with the ability to collect dragons with a unique set of DNA. The mission of the player is to bring out strong offspring of mythical creatures for a decisive battle with enemies. The developers of Dragonereum are still testing the beta version of the game.

Crypto idle miner

Who to: want to get acquainted with the mining industry

Crypto Idle Miner on the Unity engine is similar to the cult game The Sims and is a kind of simulator of a miner's life. The player must build his mining empire and get cryptocurrency. So far, the beta version of the game is available. After a full-fledged launch, the developers of Crypto Idle Miner plan to release the HORA token to reward users' success. They promised that beta testers will also receive a token-present for their contribution to the development of the game.

Cryptogamers note


Blokcheyn project DMarket is marketpleys to trade in-game items. The internal currency of the platform – the DMT token – allows you to sell, buy or exchange virtual armor of gamers. Game developers can connect their product to DMarket using their API. All operations on the platform govern smart contracts.

DMarket is supported by game publishers such as: 4A Games (Metro 2033, Metro Exotus, Last Light and Metro, ARKTIKA.1), GSC Game World (STALKER, Cossacs game series), Tatem Games (Carnivores, Vivesector, Cryostasis), and KISS Ltd. (Street Racing Syndicate, Pixel Puzzles Ultimate, The Culling Of The Cows, Nosferatu: The Wrath Of Malachi). In March, DMarket announced the launch of a beta 2.0 platform, integration with the Steam platform and collaboration with Unity.


On the marketplace GameUnculus presents more than 400 crypto and blockchain games. The platform offers reviews of games and their rating in the industry. As stated by the project team, the goal of GameUnculus is to familiarize users with decentralized applications and create healthy competition among game developers.


The DappRadar service shows the popularity and number of users of crypto-games created on the Ethereum and EOS networks. According to the platform, from October 31 to November 7, the leaders of the gaming chart were RiotCats, CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained TCG, MegaCryptoPolis and EvolutionLand.

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