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Poloniex Bitcoin Exchange requires 2,000 confirmations for transactions in Bytecoin



Due to the instability of the Bytecoin network, the Poloniex exchange temporarily requires 2000 confirmations to carry out transactions in this cryptocurrency. It managed to find out the CCN reporter, who tried to transfer funds to the stock exchange in order to convert into BCHABC and BCHSV tokens, which appeared in the listing on the eve of the sensational hardfork in the Bitcoin Cash network.

In the Bytecoin network, a standard number of confirmations is considered to be 10. This already exceeds the performance of most digital assets.

After waiting 10 hours, the reporter turned to technical support and received confirmation that the exchange, without informing its users, introduced significant restrictions for Bytecoin holders. Taking into account that hardfork Bitcoin Cash will take place on November 15, and the deposit may take up to 3.5 days, now the user may not have time to carry out his original plan.

Earlier, Bytecoin was delisted into Binance and OKEx .

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