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Perfume with the smell of burned wool: complement the image of the owner of Ripple (memes)



This is a review of memes. The jokes are over. Or vice versa?

Bitcoin lurks and does not show any special price fluctuations. To follow this is a separate kind of pleasure.

It seems your strategies don't work, baby:

Need to somehow survive:

And if good old violas are no longer an option:

… you can invest in a wolf:

Cryptohomäki fell into a deep existential crisis. They inspect their library:

… room:

Before / after discovering crypto from r / cryptomemes

… and a bedside table with perfume:

Then yourself:

… and seek, seek, seek their savings:

Poor hamsters. They told you not to buy huas (

In the meantime, elections for governors were held in the United States and the newly elected heads of five states have already expressed respect for the crypt. The crypto community, undecided with the choice of voters, offered to immediately vote for Bitcoin.

Residents of less progressive states are advised not to worry, not to win a crypt!

Noucoinners may be intimidated by a long process that needs to go through for easy use of cryptocurrency. But pain is temporary:

So sing a fun song and focus on the top 6 cryptocurrency)

That's all for today. No more words about the crypt. By Satoshi!

Babe I'll stop … or … from r / cryptomemes

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