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Overview of initiatives to implement blocking technology (September 24, 2013 – September 29, 2013)



In the next review of the latest initiatives in the field of blockage, such areas as identification, electronic voting, finance, insurance and supply chains.

IBM extends partnership with insurance broker Marsh

Where: globally
In what area: insurance
Purpose: to create and launch a commercial version of the insurance verification program
Who does: Marsh, IBM, Salesforce
Technology used: IBM
Supposed date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

The US Dairy Farms Association uses a chain of custody to track supply chains

Where: United States
In what area: dairy industry
Purpose: to track the supply of products, increase transparency and consumer confidence
Who: Dairy Farmers of America (DFA),
Technology used:
Supposed date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

Stock Exchange of India will test the block-voting system

Where: India
In which area: electronic voting
Purpose: to create a voting system for listed companies
Who does: National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), Elemential Labs
Technology Used: Hyperledger
Expected implementation date: October 2018
Link: Hindu BusinessLine

In Austria, will hold an auction on the placement of government bonds on the blockbuster Ethereum

Where: Austria
In what area: finance, notarization
Purpose: holding an auction for the placement of long-term treasury bonds at 1.15 billion euros
Who does: Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB),
Technology used: Ethereum
Expected implementation date: October 2018
Reference: Kleine Zeitung

The United Nations will help Sierra Leone create a block-system identification system

Where: Sierra Leone
In which area: identification
The goal: the creation of a block system that allows each resident to receive a digital identification and a personal wallet with a credit history
Who is involved: the United Nations Development Fund for Development (UNCDF), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the non-profit start-up Kiva with the support of the President of Sierra Leone
Technology used: Kiva Protocol
Estimated implementation date: 2019
Link: press release

Also this week BlockchainJournal reported that:

  • In Edinburgh, the world's first lock-laboratory for data protection
  • The leader of the US telecommunications market, AT & T presented a blockbuster platform for the corporate sector
  • The fifth-largest commercial bank of the People's Republic of China, Bank of Communications, issued securities on the block for $ 1.3 billion
  • Until 2023, the German car manufacturer Porsche AG plans to increase investments in block-, AI- and VR-start-ups for $ 176 million
  • Dubai authorities have introduced a block into the interagency payment system
  • "Raiffeisenbank" tested the decentralized depository system (DDS) on the "Masterchane" block-platform for issuing an electronic mortgage

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