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Over the course of a day, the balance of crypto-instruments has decreased by half a million Ethereum coins



During the day, September 24, users sent 235 thousand Ethereum (ETH) coins to 140 exchanges, and 735 thousand ETH were withdrawn during the same period. This is reported by Trustnodes .

Total outgoing and incoming cash flows of 140 exchanges as of September 24, 2013

According to the researchers, users are trying to store Ethereum not on trading floors, but in more reliable places, including hardware wallets.

The difference between incoming and outgoing cash flows (-500 thousand ETH)

Also, the researchers note that such a rapid outflow of the second crypto currency was not observed since the end of the winter of this year, when on February 22 from the stock exchanges about 1.8 million ETH were withdrawn.

Note that on September 12, when Ethereum reached the minimum of this year at around $ 167, the balance of the exchanges increased by 300 thousand ETH. As a result of the last days, Ethereum sank 10% to $ 210 , while on the balance of trading platforms received 52 thousand more coins than it was withdrawn during this time.

Recall a few days ago, the digital currency XRP briefly outperformed the capitalization of Ethereum .

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