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Opera is the first major browser to support direct BTC payments



The popular Opera web browser now allows you to make transactions with Bitcoin directly in the browser.

Representatives of Opera shared this news with the public through a press release stating that now the browser user base, which has 350 million people, can send and receive BTC directly from the browser. In addition, users will also be able to use cryptocurrency when purchasing goods and services on trading platforms that operate online.

It is also known that Opera now allows adding Crypto Wallet cards to Bitcoin and Tron into the browser’s built-in wallet, which is a good opportunity to keep your funds under control. Charles Hamel, head of crypto direction at Opera, noted that browser support for blockchain technology, in particular the one that Bitcoin offers, is a logical solution that will make the services offered by the browser even more attractive for everyone who owns BTC and does not want to so that the funds are simply passively on the account.

Recall that the functionality was introduced back in summer in beta, and the first cryptocurrency that the browser began to support was the Ethereum coin – this happened in February. Over the past few months, Opera has been actively presenting new developments related to Web 3. The company introduced the service Opera Touch, which supports the Ethereum protocol and ETH applications for Web 3.