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On December 9, the Bakkt platform will launch the first US regulated Bitcoin options



Bakkt Crypto Derivatives Exchange announced the launch date for the option contract for bitcoin futures , it is scheduled for December 9. Options on futures contracts give the buyer the right to buy or sell a particular futures contract at a predetermined price on the expiration date of the option.

According to Bakkt CEO Kelly Loffler, the new product was created "based on customer feedback and is designed to hedge revenue and ensure cost and capital efficiency." Bakkt's Bitcoin Options Contract “represents another important step in the development of this asset class for institutional investors, their clients and investors.”

“Bakkt's bitcoin futures options are another important step towards developing this asset class for institutional investors, as well as their clients and investors ,” she added.

How will Bakkt Futures Options work?

When working with futures, both parties are required to fulfill the terms of the contract, however, the option gives its buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the asset at a predetermined price at a certain point in the future. In this case, the option seller cannot refuse to fulfill the terms of the contract. He compensates for additional risks with the premium that the buyer gives him when concluding the contract.

According to Loeffler, ICE Futures US has used the self-certification of a new instrument to market it in accordance with the provisions of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

“We are committed to ensuring the trust and practical value of digital assets, and option contracts are an example of one of the many products we develop for regulated markets ,” said CEO Bakkt.

Unlike Bakkt bitcoin futures, option contracts will allow platform clients to receive payments in traditional currency, which does not exclude the possibility of paying the cryptocurrency itself.

Loffler also mentioned that on Wednesday Bakkt set a new record for trading monthly bitcoin futures, amounting to about $ 4.8 million.

Publication date 10/25/2019
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