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Norwegian blockchain-startup Empower donates plastic waste tokens



For every kilogram of plastic waste, the Norwegian blockchain-start-up Empower offers one EMP token, equivalent to one US dollar. This writes today .

To receive a reward, you need to deliver plastic waste to special collection points. At the same time, the blockchain technology provides transparency of the transaction, the project website says. Empower distributes coins at the expense of own funds and donations.

EMP owners can use coins in the Empower ecosystem or sell them for local currency.

CEO of startup Wilhelm Meyer is the founder of the volunteer eco-project of the Nordic Ocean Watch and the owner of a business built on solar energy. A year ago, he got into the crypto industry and in January 2018 created Empower. Since then, the company has already collected more than 2,000 kilograms of plastic waste.

In late October, Mayer plans to launch a Bali garbage collection system. In the long run, he intends to introduce remuneration in tokens for residents of third world countries.

Recall that in 2017, the British waste recycling company began to accept Bitcoins.

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