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Mining covers cryptocurrency making up 70% of the market capitalization



Mining remains one of the main "ingredients" of cryptocurrency activity. The mining factor cryptocurrency supports the positive dynamics of digital assets.

According to, those digital assets that can be mined account for about 70% of the capitalization of the entire market, represented in CoinMarketCap 2125 types of cryptocurrency , altcoins and tokens . However, in the top 10, only four can cryptocurrency, and the rest of the others are currently not provided.

Those cryptocurrencies that can be obtained ( Bitcoin , Ethereum , Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin ) account for $ 91.7 billion in capitalization, and $ 24 billion for the remaining 10 altcoins. Thus, the presence of the mining option correlates with the high level of capitalization of such digital assets, demonstrating interest in them from investors. At the same time, the price dynamics of these assets shows that the balance of supply and demand is more and more inclined to outweigh the first.

Outside the top 10, altcoins such as Bitcoin SV, Monero, DASH and Ethereum Classic are the most noticeable in terms of mining capabilities, but these four assets account for only 2.2% of the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. All cryptocurrencies can be obtained using GPU and ASIC equipment, including Litecoin, which were originally conceived without the option of mining using ASIC miners .

The mining of cryptocurrencies and the remuneration received by miners are important conditions for the stable functioning of the blockchain of digital assets at the present time. Millions of dollars are spent on countering 51% attacks on a network of cryptocurrencies. So for a day when mining Bitcoins in the amount of 7.27 million dollars commission miners amounted to 113.3 thousand dollars.

In general, mining is gaining popularity after a slight subsidence in 2018. Moreover, the increase in hash rate is ahead of the pace of the emergence of new types of mining equipment for bitcoin mining.

Publication date 03/29/2019
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